November 27, 2017

Feeling like all of my life decisions have led me to the edge of a particularly steep cliff is hardly a unique sentiment, especially in law school. In fact, show me a happy law student and I’ll show you either a genius or a liar (both of which, coincidentally, law school seems to attract). However beautiful winter days, of which we have a maximum of like 10 here in New Orleans, are no time to be cooped up in a fucking library reading barely intelligible opinions from long-dead judges. I’m a little bitter.

The collision of nagging personal problems that have no true bearing on my life and the monolithic challenge of law school sans motivation or passion are starting to weigh on my conscience. I wake up pretty much every day wishing I were literally anywhere else. I may or may not check flights to Milan on a daily basis. And I have no time to drink now, which only exacerbates the problem (and if your initial reaction to that statement is to wonder whether or not I’m an alcoholic, then you  clearly did not read the European portion of this digital moleskin). The only things really keeping my sanity intact at the moment are Christmas music and impulse shopping with money I decidedly do not have (Cyber Monday is the fucking devil’s holiday).

As I typed this, I realized that this post had absolutely no point other than venting and procrastinating. If you really want something out of this, just come up with your own metaphor about how the above picture represents some type of disconnect between where I am and where I want to be. I don’t fucking know. I’m just trying to put off learning what a tort is. Fucking law school, man.


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