November 24, 2017

I have decided to resurrect this site out of disingenuous depths. No longer will I be traveling to exotic or interesting places. For the foreseeable future, this blog (Jesus that word hurts my soul) will be an exploration of my exceedingly boring life.

Not to break the rule that I just laid out, but I’m currently at the beach. I’m attending a bachelor party linked to a union of which I am less than enthusiastic. Alas, that ship seems to have sailed. But their ill-fated vows are secondary to my solopistic narrative.

She seems to have moved on. It’s a different she than the last one I referenced and this she is inherently more central to the narrative. This one latched onto the consciousness like a parasite sent from Aphrodite. Explanation seems masochistic and unnecessary. Fill in the blanks as you will. Law school is not what I expected it to be as it fulfills all my previous expectations. Take that as you will. She haunts the shadows of my leisure.

As I walk among the unconscious and unwitting at this condo, I see the past and the future unfolding. I try not to fall into either. I walk down the hallway and take the elevator to the ground floor. The world around me quakes with silence. I reach the cold sand as my feet cry out for circulation. Ignorance is bliss. I sit on grains of time and assess my surroundings. I look left and see nothing but emptiness and cold, white lights from adjacent buildings. I glance right and see a mildly lit pier adjoined to a somewhat festively decorated condo. I stay seated. I lay back and observe the multitude of stars above me. I glare back, unimpressed. The waves crash softly at my feet, uninviting to the sane mind. I’m reminded of a day in Italy where I was lost in time for hours. I peak at my phone to compare. I have been lost in my mind for thirty seconds. My device retreats to my pocket as my mind goes in directions it shouldn’t. I know who she’s with. I wish I didn’t. Eventually, my feet threaten hypothermia and I surrender myself to the ascendant elevator. Reluctantly I push my key into the door and accept my fate as another cog. Tomorrow comes unexpectedly.


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