March 25, 2017

Well, the last few days have been about as fun as a surprise prostate exam. I barely made it to the train on time and slept the entire trip to Venice. I walked 20 minutes to the apartment, met the girl who was giving me the keys, tried to act like all my internal organs weren’t in some state of disrepair, and passed out the second she left. All yesterday I was confined to bed, as moving felt like some mix between being stabbed with an icicle and being sat upon by the Rock. To make it even worse, I had to look out of the window all day and see blue skies while my phone informed me that it was a perfect 72 degrees on the other side of the glass. Karma apparently thought French rainstorms would be too easy and decided that Venetian perfection just outside of my grasp was a better comeuppance.

Today was the first day I felt even slightly capable of descending the stairs. So, after much deliberation, I decided to set out for a pasta place that someone in Florence had told me about. I stalked through the narrow streets and across more canals that I could count, the whole time simultaneously sweating and shivering. From my very limited exposure, Venice has a vitality that borders on artificial. Every corner turned is another fascinating alcove, filled with enough people to make it intriguing, but not enough to make it oppressive. The canals obviously add a unique flair to the city, and yet I can’t help but think that Vegas’s imitation is eerily close to the real thing. I’m still deciding if that’s a compliment or not.

I walked about 20 minutes before finally finding Dal Moro’s, a tiny shop that doesn’t fit more than 4 people at a time. The pasta is served in something like a Chinese takeout box and is portioned more than generously. It was delicious and getting extra mozzarella was one of my better decisions of the past week. By the time I finished eating, I decided to head back to the apartment not wanting to push my luck. I stopped by the grocery and bought some oranges, which is probably something I should have done 3 days ago.

One of my friends from Rome is supposed to be meeting me tonight, so I’m probably going to be making very unwise decisions on the basis of peer pressure. For now, I’m going to try to OD on vitamin C, take a nap, and hope that will push me through the rest of the night. Buonasera and please pray that I survive.


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