March 21, 2017

You didn’t miss much the past 2 days. The only exceptions were the Vatican and being at bar out in Trastevere that I attended with two other people from the hostel. Fairly long story (I swear I don’t have any cartilage left in my knees) short, a Brazilian guy tried to convince us to have an eightsome with some Argentinian girls he was with. Or at least we were pretty sure that was his proposal because we could only understand about 20% of what he was saying. We had a group huddle and decided that it may not be the wisest choice to dive in like that, but the temptation wasn’t nonexistent. Rome was… interesting.

But now I’m on the train to Napoli as I plunge myself back into wonderful, peaceful, very possibly boring solitude. I’m curious how much I’ll miss being surrounded by strangers on a concerningly constant basis. If you had asked me that question two weeks ago, you would have gotten a snort and an immediate end to the conversation. Now, I’m less sure. But then, like, fuck yes I get my own bathroom and bedroom and kitchen and I can walk around with no shirt on without getting eye raped by Putin-supporting Ukrainians. So I think my answer would be the same without the signature dismissiveness.

Rome definitely grew on me too for the five days I was there. But the constant feeling that I needed to go somewhere or see something got exhausting. Napoli will hopefully be a great break spot and then I’m kind of assuming Venice will fall somewhere in between that and what Rome was. I finally might get to break out the suit and try to convince someone that my great grandfather was Slovakian royalty (bucket lists are weird, y’all). Anyway, I’ll update this tonight once I get settled in. Here are some pictures to make up for the short post.

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