March 9, 2017

Turns out, train stations are not hard to navigate. I had no prior experience with them so I had no idea. So I got there 2 hours early. I could have gotten there two minutes early. Whatever, I’m not bitter. The train station itself was actually pretty cool-looking and the train ride was basically like a terrestrially tethered plane ride, complete with in-flight snack service.

I caught a taxi to the hostel, to which I was also far too early. They let more store my luggage, but informed me that I had two hours to kill before I could get into the room. I walked around a bit, but mostly sat in a park a few blocks down from the hostel, surrounded by children. I was in hell. Finally I glanced at my phone and confirmed that it was time to face my new living situation.

My first impression of the room was……. less than great. It’s about as big as my dorm room was, but with 2 extra beds shoved in for good measure. The people in here are cool. There’s a German dude who speaks fluent English and has been in Florence for 3 months and an Iranian guy who seems really nice, but doesn’t share the German’s proficiency. I walked around the hostel for a bit to see how the amenities were. They’re not great. But, that’s probably for the best because I have no choice but to leave for extended periods of time every day.

I’m doubtful I can make it 2 weeks living like this, but I guess I shouldn’t knock it till I try it. At least it was incredibly cheap. I’m hitting bed (which is actually pretty damn comfortable) early tonight so that I have a little energy to actually have a full day tomorrow. Hope no one slits my throat in the middle of the night. Ciao.


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