March 8, 2017

I woke up incredibly hungover this morning, so nothing particularly interesting happened. I made it to the café for breakfast, came back and did laundry, and sat out on the balcony for most of the day. I went back to the canal to read and see dogs, but that was the only other time I left the apartment during daylight. I went to Felix (still very much of the opinion that it should be Helix) again and had another clear old fashioned. The only real thing of import that happened was that “House of the Rising Sun” played and gave me chills. That bar is NOLA as fuck.

I have returned to the best Airbnb in which I have stayed and am hopefully completely packed. I leave on a train tomorrow for Florence and am more than a little terrified. After luxuriating in peaceful solitude for the past week, I will be staying in hostels for the next two weeks. While this may present more interesting opportunities, it will destroy any sense of self I have acquired in the past 7 days. I generally don’t play well with others in a confined space (shout out being an only child). Pray for me. Pray for all of us. Long live Milan.


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